Global Construction and Renovation Corp's mission is to become the integral component of the relationship between the Hospitality providers and their guests, and the corporate headquarters of our clients. Using our industry experience, expertise, and management capabilities we ensure successful remodeling programs that maintain our clients’ assets, meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, and keep our clients’ budgets intact.

 Owner Greg Cirignano and Global Construction and Renovation Corp have been providing superior hospitality remodeling at minimal costs since the early 1990‘s. Over the years, we have evolved into a full service “specialty” Hospitality Renovation Company. 

​Global Construction and Renovation is a thriving business with a reputation for its professional atmosphere, excellent service, and its reliability, Global has a true understanding of the issues that hotels face with every project. We thrive in collaborating with hotel and resort property owners and managers to overcome the challenges and meet the needs of each individual property we work on. Today, with offices throughout the country, we perform work in all markets globally. 

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What CLIENTS Say About Us

“I’ve worked with contractors before and usually felt terribly underwhelmed. With Greg, Stevo, and Gary, I was thrilled – the finishes are gorgeous, the project went smoothly they are approachable and comfortable to work with– I feel great just knowing I made the right choice. I couldn’t be happier!”
J Patricia Booth,
Century 21 Commercial Division Chair

"Global absolutely nailed it! I told them what I wanted, told them how much I had to spend and they came back with a stunning proposal. I wont go anywhere else again."

Terry McBride,
Corporate Chief Engineer, Hospitality Elites

Global Construction and Renovation Corp

​​​GLOBAL’s mission is
​to raise the bar in the professional construction industry across the board